How to Operate Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

2016-08-31 09:11

How to Operate Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant


Effective management is the key to guarantee the production process and finished asphalt quality after erecting the mobile asphalt plant and mainly consisting of equipment management, production scheduling, control on raw material and finished asphalt as well as production security.

Equipment Management

Equipment management is very important among mobile asphalt plant management. The main reason is any abnormal behavior will probably interrupt the whole production line and affect the construction project. There are three major things to be attended to:

1. Timely Lubrication

Both practice and theoretic studies suggest that most obvious wears are resulted from lack of necessary lubrication. Therefore it is critical to make a maintenance plan, especially lubrication for important parts. It is comparatively difficult to replace and repair those parts if any failure is found. Please be noted that cheap lithium-based grease can only be used for general bearings while special grease should be applied for bearings at key parts like motor and vibrating screen.

2. Organized Maintenance Plan

Well organized maintenance planning can greatly eliminate failures and guarantee its good working performance. Regularly inspect wearable parts like mixing paddles and tips, liner plate and sieve and arrange to replace them if necessary based on their condition and production task.

3. Spare Parts Inspection

Usually the mobile asphalt mixing plant is located in a remote place and it takes time to purchase parts. So it is necessary to keep adequate spare parts, particularly wearable parts like mixing paddles and tips, liner plate and sieves. For those wearable parts, their leading time is often a month.

Production Scheduling

The production scheduling includes schedule on raw materials, shifts and transport team, and personnel coordination and communication. Generally each shift should have one scheduler to plan the material supply according to the construction schedule, a transport team to deliver adequate asphalt for construction requirement, and two mixing towers for shift and batch arrangement based on asphalt mix aggregates.

Quality Control

Raw materials inclusive of bitumen, aggregate and gravel, and diesel etc should co-controlled by materialist and lab personnel. The bitumen performance indicators like softening point, penetration, and ducticity should be tested through sampling before feeding. The aggregate should go through inspection like specification, sheet content and weathering condition and sample text to confirm its mud content and crushing value. Finished asphalt will be monitored by people on shift and lab personnel. The shift team should strictly follow the grading requirement and conduct appearance inspection and temperature detection, and lab personnel should sample finished product for test.

Production Security

In order to guarantee the safety and security of machinery and personnel, effective measures must be taken.
1. Stipulate the responsibilities and take into effect together with performance indicator of each personnel.
2. Make a clear manual and regulation to guide and monitor the practice, and provide safety training regularly to improve their sense of security.

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